Monday, April 16, 2012

How to Make House Cleaning Wipes

Now that many families are having to cut down on things that once did not seem to be such a big deal, buying everyday products such as house cleaning items is just too expensive and out of the budget for many homes. The best way to handle this situation is to learn how to make cleaning products at home. Not only are you doing our planet a favor by using natural products, you are doing your family a favor by cutting down your expenses. This particular mixture is enough for about ½ or more of one thick roll of paper towel depending on its thickness. Start with half the roll and make additional mixture if needed for the rest. This is a bit time consuming, but based on how much you will be saving over all compared to the cost of store brand cleaners and wet wipes, it is well worth it.
1.Purchase a thick paper towel and tear each sheet apart and fold them in half and stack neatly in your bowl or pan.
2.Pour your ingredients in the spray bottle and mix thoroughly. Once the ingredients have been mixed, pour entire mixture on top of paper towels to soak through the stack. Depending on the thickness of your paper towels, you may want to add a little more water.
3.Press down slightly on the paper towels to ensure that each towel is moistened and to remove some of the excess water. Do not pour out additional liquid yet. If you have remaining paper towels that you would like to soak with the remaining liquid, you can do so now. Otherwise, dispose the leftover liquid.
4.Collect your wet folded towels and place them in your large zip lock bag. Be sure to completely seal the bag to make sure that the towels do not dry out. Label your bag and store it with your other cleaning products. Now you have cleaning wipes for your home.

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