Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to Build a Hard Drive Enclosure

An internal hard drive from 10 years ago will not fit into a typical modern computer cause but that does not mean the drive is useless. You can build an external hard drive using a kit readily available at any computer supply store. The kit will allow you to easily connect the old hard drive to your new computer through a USB port.
1.Open the ssd drive enclosure case. Attach the power cable and interface connector to the old hard drive that you would like to resurrect. Place the drive in the case and slide the cover over the top of the case.
2.Fasten all four corners of the enclosure case shut using the screws supplied with the kit.
3.Connect the enclosure's power cord to an available outlet. Connect the USB cable to an available port on your computer.
4.Click "Start," then "Computer." Double-click the external hard drive. If the drive responds and you are able to drag files to your desktop from the drive, or from the drive to another storage device, your recycled hard drive in the enclosure case is available for you to use.

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