Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to Clean a Pro Audio Speaker

Cleaning a pro audio speaker not only keeps it looking its best, but also provides a great opportunity to inspect the unit for wear and damage. A pro audio speaker will last for years if properly maintained, but will still need the occasional jack, cone or even diaphragm replaced. A clean pro audio cabinet also looks newer and retains its value, as well as reflecting positively on its owner. Read on to learn how to clean a pro audio speaker.
1.Use a hose attachment, preferably without a brush, to vacuum the front grille, even if it is metal. If the grille is easily removed, vacuum underneath it as well as both sides. Carefully vacuum speaker cones if they can be accessed. Whether or not the grille is removable, inspect the speaker cones as closely as possible for signs of tearing.
2.Vacuum the outside of the cabinet if it is carpet covered. Clean plastic or vinyl covered cabinets with glass cleaner or auto interior cleaner and a clean cloth.
3.Inspect the casters or feet of the cabinet. Tighten any loose screws.
4.Clean any plastic or metal jack plates using the cloth with a small amount of cleaner applied to it. The cloth should be damp not wet. Logo plates on a pro audio speaker can also be cleaned in this way.
5.Stretch the cloth over the end of a speaker cable. Apply a small amount of contact cleaner (not lubricant) and quickly insert and remove from each quarter inch jack. There is no easy way to clean other ceiling outside speaker connections.

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