Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to Build a LEGO Road Roller

Typical Lego sets provide a free-wheeling, imagination-run-wild construction experience. But, Lego construction sets, such as the Lego Road Roller set 30003, direct users to build specific and customizable replicas of heavy equipment and their operators. As with other Lego construction toys, the simplicity of its parts makes the assembly process a basic yet educational experience for young children.
1.Assemble your construction worker. Snap the blue torso section into the blue leg piece and then attach the yellow head and red hat.
2.Assemble the side pieces. To each long, thin, 1-by-8 yellow piece, attach a black "plus" cylinder at each end. Over each cylinder, attach a gray nut. Then, place a large gray roller wheel on each cylinder, followed by a second nut.
3.Connect the two side pieces. With the wheel sides facing inward, attach the center circle of each side piece's yellow base to the gray 2-by-4 piece. The wheels from the two side pieces should now be flush against one another.
4.Attach the flat, black 2-by-6 piece between the two sets of wheels. Centered and on top of this piece, place the yellow brick that has the lowered 2-by-2 center section. Its upward extensions should be over each set of roller wheels. This creates the seating base.
5.Attach the safety light. Snap the gray pole onto one side of the roller's back end. On top of the pole, attach the orange lamp piece.
6.Attach the seating and controls. On the rear extension of the yellow seating base, attach the yellow seat-back. To the front extension, attach the steering wheel. At the back of the center depression, attach the flat, gray 1-by-2 piece. On the front of the center depression, place the 1-by-2 black grill piece.

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