Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How to Make an Embroidery Bullion Rose?

Embroidery is a needlework crafts or sewing project that travels well and does not require counting or concentration. There are several stitches that are not well known, but make beautiful needlework.
The bullion rose is a flower we made years ago, but it is not well known. You can learn to make this beautiful rose in one easy lesson.
Cut about a fourteen-inch length of embroidery thread, and separate the threads in twos.
Thread the sharp embroidery needle with the two strands of chenille embroidery thread in a color of your choice. This color will be the center.
Begin at a place in the fabric that you want the center of the rose. Make a stitch and bring the needle up to the top side.
Make two bullion stitches at the center, side by side
Twist the thread around the needle six times and push the point down in the fabric about 1/4 inch away from where it came up and close to the center.
Center of the bullion rose made
Make another stitch like this with six twists around the needle parallel to the first one.
Bring the needle up on the outside of the first bullion stitch about half way.
Practice embroidering bullion roses
Twist the thread around the needle eight times for each bullion stitch in this row. There should be three stitches in this row, five stitches in the next row and seven or eight stitches in the last row.
Practice making bullion roses that have six twists on the "far" side and eight twists on the "front" side. This makes them look like they are viewed from the side.
Make a rose bud with just the first two bullion stitches, and a green stem and sepals. With these basic instructions, you can make a cluster of roses.
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