Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to Choose a Good Pillow?

Waking up with an aching neck and stiff muscles is never a pleasant experience. Choosing a good Buddy neck pillow can help you achieve a quality night of comfortable slumber. With so many pillow types and choices on the market, it may seem like an overwhelming task to find the one that works for you. By following a few tips, you can find a proper pillow for your sleeping style.

Evaluate your sleeping position. This should be the prime factor in choosing a good pillow for you. Take note of whether you usually sleep on your side, stomach or back. Back sleepers should opt for thin pillows that cradle the neck, providing support. Side sleepers should choose firm pillows that give support for the area between the ear and shoulder. Stomach sleepers should opt for flat pillows, so your neck isn't turned at an uncomfortable angle.
Select your preferred filler material.Foam pillows come in different densities, from firm to soft. Memory foam molds to your body, reducing pressure points. Latex provides an option for those who want a mold- and mite-resistant material. Down pillows allow you to move the stuffing to provide support as needed.
Prepare to spend more money. Choosing the cheapest pillow on the market usually means lower quality and inferior filling, which may break apart quickly in comparison to one of higher quality.
Read user reviews of the specific pillow type you're considering on unbiased consumer websites. If the pillow has consistently high reviews, chances are it's a good product.
Visit stores that sell pillows and test them. By doing this, you'll have access to a range of pillow options. Spend time lying on an in-store bed in your preferred sleep position with the pillow. Test at least three or four different pillows and base your selection on personal comfort level.

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