Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Instructions for Installing PVC Ceiling Panels

PVC panel is low maintenance building materials typically used on the ceilings in a house to add beauty and elegance or to cover uneven surfaces. These waterproof panels are installed on ceilings in bathrooms and kitchens and any other interior room. These panels are tongue and groove and can be installed with moderate effort by any homeowner. With just a few instructions and the proper materials, PVC panels can be installed quickly.



Measure the length and width of the ceiling to get the total square footage which will determine how many pieces will be necessary for installation. Divide the total square footage of the ceiling by eight, which is the square footage of the panels, to figure out the number of panels that will be used for installation.

Line the first piece up to the ceiling beginning in any corner of the room. Run a bead of silicone caulk along the ceiling where the panel will be installed. Push the panel in place and hold it for a minute so it can adhere to the caulk.

Insert staples all over the panel to secure it to the ceiling. Space the staples out evenly and make sure the first panel is secure to the ceiling before letting go.

Apply silicone caulk to the ceiling where the second panel will go and slide it into the first panel. Lock it into place so it is secure and push it against the ceiling to allow the silicone time to stick to it. Insert staples just like the previous panel. Continue down the ceiling until reaching the end of the first row.

Cut the panel to size if necessary with a hack saw. Measure and mark where the cut needs to be made and carefully follow along the lines to cut the panel to size. Install this panel in the same manner. Move on to the second row and continue across the ceiling until all the panels have been properly installed and are secured to the ceiling.

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